Diego Maradona launched a harsh attack on the US-Mexico-Canada 2026 World Cup that's full of national stereotypes

Getty ImagesDiego Maradona.
  • A “United 2026” bid from the United States, Mexico, and Canada recently won the right to host the World Cup in eight years’ time.
  • But the former World Cup winner Diego Maradona says the countries do not deserve it.
  • In a harsh criticism laden with stereotypes, Maradona said they had inferior national soccer teams and did not show the required passion.

Diego Maradona has launched a harsh attack on the countries that will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

A joint bid from the United States, Canada, and Mexico on Wednesday won a landslide vote to host the tournament.

The US is scheduled to host 60 of the 80 matches, with the remaining games split evenly between Canada and Mexico.

The news was welcomed by US President Donald Trump, but in a rant laden with stereotypes, Maradona, who won the 1986 World Cup winner with Argentina’s national team, said the hosts did not have the required passion to host the tournament.

“I don’t like it,” Maradona told Telesur (via ESPN). “Mexico doesn’t deserve it. The Mexicans come up against Brazil or Germany … and ‘boom,’ they’re out.”

He added: “There’s no passion. The Canadians may be good skiers, and the Americans wanted to have four periods of 25 [minutes] for the advertising.”

Maradona managed Argentina’s national team during an unsuccessful period from 2008 to 2010. He oversaw one of its biggest-ever losses, a 6-1 defeat by Bolivia in 2009, and was ousted shortly after Argentina was knocked out of the 2010 World Cup quarterfinal, losing 4-0 to Germany.

Host cities for the 2026 World Cup could include New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Mexico City, and Toronto, among others.

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