WATCH: One Of America’s Last Bicycle Manufacturers Is Still Going Strong After 113 Years

For many small businesses in America, weathering the economic downturn of the last few years has been a difficult challenge.

A challenge that seems nearly impossible for companies trying to produce goods in the U.S.

But Worksman Cycles defies logic. It manufactures all its bikes in its Ozone Park factory in Queens, New York, unlike most of its competitors that have moved their production to China in the last two decades.

Started by Morris Worksman in 1898 and now owned by Jeff Mishkin (the husband of Worksman’s granddaughter Barbara) the company has been churning out industrial and consumer cycles for 113 years, the last two of which have actually seen double digit growth.

The owners say that their bet to keep the company in the U.S. is paying off as more consumers are becoming conscientious shoppers choosing American-produced goods to support the economy.

We recently stopped by Worksman Cycles’ factory to see how bikes are made. 



 Produced By Robert Libetti


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