The 10 perks Australians want to make life better at work

Ellie Farmer, aged 2, climbs at the gym with her parents without the use of a harness or safety ropes. Matthew Corbisiero / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

A pet-friendly office, an onsite gym, and social activities are among factors named by Australians to help make their working life more enjoyable, according to a survey of businesses.

The survey of 300 Australian executives and internal influencers by Think Global Research, commissioned by property group Dexus, also found that Australians are starting 2018 determined to work smarter and strike a better work-life balance.

Here are the 10 things Australians believe will make their workplace more enjoyable:

“The research findings highlight a belief that the workplace directly influences, job satisfaction, productivity and team engagement — three cornerstones of business success,” says the Workplace Report.

“As a result, among the top priorities for business leaders in growing SMEs is accommodating their employees’ needs around flexible workplaces, an improved sense of connectedness with their teams and work-life balance.

“This also reflects global trends which overthrow traditional workplace norms that dictate to be at work, you need to be physically present in the workplace.

“Now, the mobile worker can operate from an office, a café, even their home. But with greater levels of productivity intrinsically linked to collaboration, each workplace clearly has its role to play.”

This chart shows the work goals for 2018 revealed in the survey:

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