A Victoria's Secret model reveals the workout she uses to get runway ready

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• Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm swears by fitness program Body By Simone to get runway ready.

• Some of her favourite moves are simple, but require a resistance band and ankle weights.

The models who grace the runway of Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show work hard to stay in shape.

Bridget Malcolm, who has modelled for household names such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, is no exception.

Malcolm, who walked the VS runway in last years’ show, swears by Body By Simone, a fitness program she describes as “dance cardio mixed with toning and weight bearing exercises.”

Here are some of her favourite moves:

Malcolm does a lot of work with resistance bands.

“I like to put on a great song, put the band around my ankles, squat and move like a crab in either direction (without leaving the squat).”


“When it feels like my hips are about to catch fire, I like to add in squats to the sequence.”


“Then I like to straighten up and do single leg kicks to the side and back.”


Malcolm also likes to use ankle weights while doing leg work. They’re a great way to take donkey kicks to the next level.


Her next move is usually a “pulse,” which is a smaller version of the prior movement. “I find ending each exercise with a pulse helps get your muscles really feeling it.”


Malcolm also uses the ankle weights for straight leg lifts.


And if you think she only does leg work, think again. She does plenty of arm work with resistance bands, as well as ab work like sit-ups and oblique crunches. Malcolm is also a fan of boxing.

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