Working From Home Boosts Australian Small Business Coffers: Survey


Yahoo! Boss Marissa Mayer made headlines recently after she banned working from home. But research has shown that the practice might be good for small business.

Mayer made the call after discovering that hordes of staff were slacking off, but Australian software provider MYOB has put out research that shows small-to-medium businesses were 24% more likely to see a revenue-rise if they had staff who ‘telework’.

They were 32% less likely to see a revenue fall.

MYOB commissioned independent market research firm Colmar Brunton to conduct a nationally representative survey of 1,005 Australian SMEs.

One in four said their employees worked ‘mainly away from the office’, one in three (32%) said they worked ‘partly from home and from the office’ and the remainder did not have remote workers.

Overall, the key benefits experienced by the 57% of SMEs whose staff telework include improved employee satisfaction, travel savings, reduced overheads and increased productivity, MYOB said.

Working from home — especially in big-business — has increased in recent years. But smaller companies that have decided not to join the trend have been worse-off in terms of revenue, especially the year before according to the research.

“The link became even clearer when we investigated revenue falls in the past year, said MYOB boss Tim Reed.

“44% of the SMEs without teleworkers saw a fall, versus 30% of those whose staff teleworked most of the time.

“This speaks volumes as to why empowering employees to work outside the traditional confines of an office is becoming increasingly prevalent. Businesses are realising the bottom line benefits and rewards from more engaged employees,” he said.

Here’s some more key findings from MYOB’s research on teleworking for SMEs:

  • 31% said Employees are happier
  • 28% Travel costs have been reduced
  • 27% said Employees are more productive

For the full MYOB Business Monitor survey click here.

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