This Is What It's Like When You First Start Working At Twitter

Twitter recruiting video

Photo: Twitter recruiting video

What’s it like when you first start working at Twitter? Alex McCauley, who works in business operations at Twitter, answered that question on Quora.Here’s how it works:

  • Before they start, Twitter tries to set up employees with the email address they want. They email a colour PDF in advance to get employees ready for the workplace.
  • On your first day Twitter has a t-shirt and a bottle of wine waiting for you at your desk. Your desk is assigned based on what you’re working on, and who you’re working with.
  • On your first Monday, CEO Dick Costolo gets breakfast with the new staff to make them feel at home in the company. Then there is logistical stuff like HR and IT training. After that, it’s lunch in the cafeteria. New employees have seats saved for them with their teams.
  • For the afternoon a new employee gets a “ramp up” session from McCauley who explains, “teams, projects, company history, inside jokes, Gmail filters, internal tools etc.”
  • After that, you’re on your own! Get to work!
  • Twitter has monthly happy hour drinks on Fridays for new employees to get acquainted with the more senior people. It also does 30 minute presentations on Fridays so employees can hear about what’s happening in other parts of the company.
  • If you’re an engineer, the process is a little different, you get more specialised training.

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