LIFE AT QUORA: Free Lunch, Free Yoga, Weird Keyboards, And Much More

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Photo: Quora

What is it like to work at Q&A startup Quora?One of its engineers, Kah Seng Tay, described his day one experience at Quora on Quora.

It’s about what you would expect from one of the most buzzed about startups in Silicon Valley: free Yoga, free lunch, nice computer set ups, and regular movie nights.

How does Quora afford all these perks? It raised $11 million in funding last year, and it’s about to raise a huge round of funding.

We’ve also heard gossip Quora rejected a $1 billion acquisition offer. True or not, Quora’s investors think it could be worth more than that in a few years.

So, what’s life like inside this company? Read on to find out…

When you walk into Quora, office manager Lisa Moreno greets you.

Quora employees get to pick their computer set up. Most engineers opt for a 13

Quora hooks up all its employees with free lunch, and occasionally free diner.

For an employee's first lunch, they usually eat with a part of their team. Generally, whoever is in the office hangs out for lunch.

As you can see from Quora's internal system, there's a movie night.

Quora's lead designer meets with new engineers to explain the company's design philosophy at some point in the first week.

Quora sponsors free yoga once a week for employees

On day one an engineer can push out a little bit of code (so long as its approved.)

And at the end of the day, employees can gather up some sweet Quora gear to let the rest of the world know where they work.

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