Workers Would Rather Have A Better Boss Than A Salary Increase

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Two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, and they say it’s because they don’t get along with their bosses.According to career expert Michelle McQuaid, it’s costing companies $360 billion a year in lost productivity. McQuaid conducted a survey of more than 1,000 Americans and found that 65 per cent of them said that a better boss would make them happier in their current jobs, and only 35 per cent of those surveyed said that a pay raise would offer them the same happiness.

Here are some other interesting findings from McQuaid’s survey:

  • 31 per cent feel uninspired and unappreciated by their boss, and close to 15 per cent feel downright miserable, bored and lonely.
  • Only 38 per cent described their boss as “great”; 42 per cent say that their bosses don’t work very hard and close to 20 per cent say their boss has little or no integrity.
  • Nearly 60 per cent say they would do a better job if they got along better with their boss.
  • Around 70 per cent said they would be happier at work if they got along better with their boss, and the breakdown is equal between men and women, but younger workers in their 20s and 30s feel more strongly about this (80 per cent).
  • 47 per cent said their boss does not stay calm or in control when stress levels are high.

These findings support the latest research from Gallup, which found that trouble with an immediate manager is the No. 1 reason people leave their jobs.

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