Target Workers Are Furious About Opening On Thanksgiving Day Again


Photo: AP

Target will once again join the ranks of Walmart and Sears and open on Thanksgiving Day this year. More retailers are opening on the night of Thanksgiving, hoping to draw in shoppers before they spend all their money on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. 

But Target workers are furious about the new plan because it means they won’t be able to spend the day with their families, according to a petition that’s garnered 150,000 signatures. 

Casey St. Clair, a Corona-California Target employee, started the petition. 

She said: 

I am a recent transplant to California with my boyfriend. I don’t have any family out here and having to work on Black Friday prevents me from going home to the East Coast to see my family. My boyfriend does have some family out here so Thanksgiving is the one day we get to spend with people we know. I currently work two jobs, substitute teach and work Target at nights and weekends, so having Thanksgiving off really does give me that one day to relax and visit family I otherwise have no time to see.

The company also opened on Thanksgiving last year, despite an employee petition that gained more than 200,000 signatures. 

Target said it “thought long and hard about when the right opening time would be” and that the 9 p.m. time “struck a perfect balance” for its customers.

With competitor Walmart opening on Thanksgiving, Target is stuck. If it doesn’t open on Thanksgiving night, it runs the risk of missing out on sales during the most crucial shopping season. 

But it’s still hard on employees to be away from their families on the holiday. 

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