Home improvement services were the highest-earning jobs on Airtasker, according to the company’s trends report

Home improvement services were the highest-earning jobs on Airtasker, according to the company’s trends report
Airtasker reported 38% year-on-year growth in revenue in 2021, as the platform expanded the sectors offered for gig work. (Credit: iStock)
  • Airtasker’s annual consumer trends report reveals the highest-paid and most in-demand skills on the platform.
  • Combined with previous insights, it suggests demand for workers has broadened since the start of the pandemic.
  • The company’s growth has accelerated this year with a listing on the ASX and an announcement of expansion into the US market.
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Gig workers using Airtasker’s platform made a combined total of $75 million this year, amid an expansion of the gig economy workforce since the start of the pandemic. 

According to the second annual consumer trends report from the Australian jobs marketplace, the highest earning categories across the platform were geared around home improvement services — yet another consequence of the move to working from home prompted by the pandemic.

Handymen, gardeners and furniture builders were among Australia’s top 10 in-demand tasks. 

Landscape gardeners were the highest earners on the platform, earning $774 on average per task, the report said.

This was followed by carpenters and painters, earning $675 and $603 respectively on average for individual jobs.

Other tasks including house removals paid $362, and general handyman jobs demanded an average of $286 per task. 

As lockdowns shut customers out of physical retail, hospitality and services venues, Airtasker’s report shows the company saw a surge in demand for niche services. 

A case in point is an explosion in demand for tattoo artists, which saw requests for their services lift 265%.

Airtasker’s report also showed services that had previously not seen interest on the platform experienced massive gains. For example, the company said demand for language tuition grew 20% in the first half of the year.

Another unexpected category that saw increased demand were for place holders. The company said it recorded a 64% jump in requests for queue line-ups in October this year. 

The report’s findings support previous insights shared by Airtasker that suggest restrictions imposed over the last two years had led to an expansion of the kinds of skills and professions offering gig work through the platform. 

In September the company said it had seen rocketing demand for copywriting and graphic design skills, along with web and app development since the start of the pandemic. 

Following these were tasks around marketing and social media support, financial and legal advice, and data entry. 

Business-related freelance work also spiked at the start of the pandemic, which Airtasker has attributed to companies seeking short term expert guidance in navigating changes in consumer behaviour and demands. 

Airtasker recorded a 24.8% increase in finance and business tasks over the past 18 months, along with a massive 48% increase in general business and administration tasks overall. 

Tim Fung, co-founder and CEO of Airtasker, told Business Insider Australia he saw this growth as a positive.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of people offering skills remotely,” Fung said, adding that the platform enabled many Australians to “make money over the last 18 months” they might not have been able to otherwise. 

“Throughout the pandemic, we also saw business owners using Airtasker to find skilled Aussies to help them take their business to the next level,” he said.

Of the homegrown startups in the sharing economy space, Airtasker has seen singular growth, rapidly expanding its market share since its founding in 2012.

The company, which provides a platform that matches users seeking assistance with tasks or services with workers willing to provide them, now boasts around a million paying customers in Australia. 

Following expansion into the UK in 2018, and publicly listing in March 2021, Airtasker announced the acquisition of local services marketplace Zaarly for $3.4 million as part of its push into the US market.

The company reported revenue of $26.6 million in FY21, representing 38% year-on-year growth.

Airtasker also announced it had joined the newly-formed Tech Council of Australia, a peak body that will represent and advocate on behalf of the Australian technology sector, as a founding member in November. 

The council, which comprises Australian tech giants Atlassian and Canva, along with Google and Microsoft, said it plans to improve conditions for growth, investment and job creation in the Australian tech sector.