If you hate the new Gmail version that Google is forcing on users, here's a trick to make your Gmail look old again

Change can be hard, especially when it comes to your inbox.

Over the last few months, Google has been rolling out its new Gmail design, and some users aren’t so keen on its look and feel.

The biggest shock seems to be coming from Gmail’s new default view, which is much more bubbly and shows icons on the inbox home screen if there are any attachments within an email — like images, slides, documents or spreadsheets.

Google has stopped allowing users to revert to the old version of its email product. However, there is a workaround that should bring some sanity back into your workflow if the new design is too much for you.

Here’s how to get your inbox looking like the older version of Gmail:

Click on the settings gear in the top right hand corner.


Then click on “Density Display.”


From there, you’ll be able to choose your view. The “default” view has the new bubbly design and attachment icons that can be seen right from the inbox.


The “comfortable” view uses paperclips to signify an attachment in an email, rather than the icons.


The “compact” view is the most similar to the old Gmail design. It’s similar to the “comfortable” view but has less white space in-between each line. As a result, the design feels less bubbly and more straightforward.


Once you save “compact” as your view of choice, the world should start feeling normal again. Until you start to actually write an email and Google starts auto-suggesting words and phrases to complete your sentences. Within your settings tab on Gmail, here’s where to turn that “Smart Compose” feature off.


Now things should start feeling normal again.

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