Woolworths Withdraws Australia 'If You Don't Love It Leave' Singlet Following Social Media Complaints

Woolworths has withdrawn a nationalist singlet from stores in far north Queensland following a social media backlash and claims that it was racist.

George Craig posted a photo of the singlet, taken in Woolworths’ Cairns store, depicting the Australian flag, with the phrase “If You Don’t Love It Leave” on Twitter this afternoon, accusing the grocery retailer of “selling racist singlets”.

The photo provoked a rapid and angry response including Greens MP Adam Bandt, who posted it on Facebook and the backlash began to grow against the company on Facebook.

Some of the Facebook backlash against Woolworths

Within hours, Woolworths announced that the singlet was “totally unacceptable” and had been withdrawn from two stores. A spokesperson said the singlet had not been ordered.

“It was delivered to us in error and should never been allowed on our shelves. We will review our processes to ensure this sort of error cannot happen again,” the spokesperson said.

“The sentiment expressed on the singlet does not reflect the views of Woolworths.”

This latest controversy follows on from a similar social media campaign in January, when “Australia est. 1788” t-shirts appeared in Aldi and Big W stores and were withdrawn following complaints.

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