Woolworths is expanding its cashless trial with more Metro stores going completely digital

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  • Woolworths is adding more cashless Metro stores.
  • The supermarket is making three of its Metro stores cashless under a new trial – Yarraville and Caulfield North in Victoria and Roseberry in New South Wales.
  • This is on top of the six cashless stores Woolworths announced in July.
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Woolworths is making more of its Metro stores cashless.

The supermarket giant is ditching cash payments at three of its Metro stores as part of a trial beginning on October 12. These stores include Yarraville and Caulfield North in Victoria and Roseberry in New South Wales — which all have fewer cash transactions.

“As more and more customers choose to pay with cards, we’re trialling all electronic payments in a small selection of Metro stores which currently see very few cash transactions,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Business Insider Australia.

It comes after Woolworths revealed in July that six of its Metro stores across Sydney and Melbourne would go completely cashless – some of which have temporarily closed. These were the two Metro stores on Victoria’s Bourke St and Elizabeth St, and the four Woolies Metros in North Sydney, Manly, York St and George St in NSW.

Woolworths has 1,050 stores Australia-wide, with 99.4% of them still offering a mix of cash and electronic payments.

“We understand cash remains an important payment option for many of our customers and it continues to be offered in all Woolworths Supermarkets and the majority of our Metro stores,” the spokesperson added.

“We will closely monitor the feedback from our customers during this trial.”

Woolworths’ steady move into cashless payments comes after payments platform Square found that one in three businesses has gone cashless during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) 2019 Consumer Payments Survey found the share of consumer cash payments dropped to 27% of the number of payments in 2019, from 69% back in 2007, there are still some Aussies holding on to their cash.

In August 2020, the RBA found a rise in the demand for cash and had increase the amount in circulation from $83 billion to $94 billion.