Poisonous Death Cap Mushrooms Have Put 3 People In Hospital

An edible Agaricus Lanipes variety of mushroom. Sean Gallup/Getty

Update 28th April 2014: ACT Health have released a statement saying there is no evidence that the lethal mushrooms which have landed three people in hospital were sold by Woolworths.

“Investigations by ACT Policing in the last 24 hours have found no evidence that the Death Cap mushrooms consumed by the patients were purchased from Woolworths in Dickson,” ACT Health said.

Investigations are ongoing but the health department said this remains “an isolated incident” and all three patients remain in hospital.

Three people in Canberra have been hospitalised after eating poisonous death cap mushrooms believed to have been purchased at a Woolworth in Dickson around April 17.

It is not the first time death cap mushrooms have made people sick in the ACT.

There have been four fatalities and 12 reported incidents of poisoning associated with the mushrooms in recent years — one death cap mushroom is believed to have enough poison to kill an adult.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed the supermarket giant “is working closely with our supplier and ACT Health to investigate the claims.”

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