Woolworths Made a Motza Using This Simple Marketing Trick Targeting Kids

I’m not eating any vegetables unless they come with a marsupial… Woolworths ‘Aussie Animals’ have been a hit with children & brought in parent shoppers. Photo Marianna Massey/Getty Images

A marketing strategy similar to the one that made McDonald’s Happy Meals a sales phenomenon, Woolworths has boosted its quarterly sales by 5.9 per cent to end 2013 at twice the growth of the previous quarter.

Woolworths’ ‘Aussie Animals’ trading card promotion targeting children became a ‘water cooler’ conversation in the latter part of last year as children pestered parents to collect the cards, as peer pressure spread throughout schoolyards.

Woolworths shares rose 2.36% today to $34.72 on the news.

Fairfax has more on the company’s recent success here.

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