Woolworths is handing out free plastic bags again

Photo: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Woolworths has switched back to handing out plastic bags.

The supermarket says the move is temporary, designed to help customers get used to bringing their own bags.

The original decision to stop giving plastic bags to shoppers caused a strong backlash when it was introduced nine days ago in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Woolworths then said it was is proud to be removing more than 3.2 billion single-use plastic bags from circulation every year in support of a greener future for Australia.

“Since we phased out single-use plastic bags nationwide on the 20th of June some customers have told us that getting into the habit of bringing their own reusable bags has been a challenge,” says Claire Peters, Managing Director at Woolworths.

“While some customers have forgotten their reusable bags altogether, many have done the right thing and brought their own only to end up one or two reusable bags short.

“We’ve listened to these customers and heard they just want a little extra help from us to get through the transition to a more sustainable way of shopping.”

From now until Sunday, July 8, Woolworths will have complimentary reusable bags available, normally available at 15 cents each.

“This will not only help support customers as they work to form new habits, but also ensure they’ll have reusable bags on hand when they next choose to shop with us.”

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