Woody Allen's Attorney Says Dylan Farrow Is 'A Pawn' Of Her Mother In New 'Today' Show Interview

Woody Allen Attorney Today ShowNBC/’Today’‘It’s a continuation of Mia Farrow’s desire to hurt Woody Allen,’ attorney Abram Elkowitz said in a revealing new interview this morning.

Following Dylan Farrow’s open essay alleging her father Woody Allen sexually abused her as a young girl, the 78-year-old filmmaker is finally speaking out via his attorney, Elkan Abramowitz.

Abramowitz appeared on the “Today” show this morning, denying decades-old molestation allegations.

“His reaction is one of overwhelming sadness because of what has happened to Dylan,” Abramowitz said. “She was a pawn in a huge fight between him and Mia Farrow years ago, and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother. That memory is never going to go away. So the fact that she says this now, that it happened 20 years ago, is totally understandable.”

When asked about why Dylan — now 28, married, and living in Florida under a different name — would lie, Abramowitz replied: “In my view, she’s not lying. I think she truly believes this happened. That’s what the vice of this is. When you implant a story in a fragile 7-year-old’s mind, it stays there forever. It never goes away.”

As for why the allegations have resurfaced lately, Abramowitz feels “
it’s a continuation of Mia Farrow’s desire to hurt Woody Allen and Woody Allen is now riding fairly high, he got the Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award and I believe it revived the anger she has towards him.”

Abramowitz also made sure to note that an investigation in the early ’90s by Yale-New Haven Hospital concluded no sexual abuse had taken place.

Asked if Allen wants to press legal charges himself, Abramowitz replied: “Woody Allen is not interested in suing anybody for defamation. He was determined not to have molested his daughter 20 years ago. The case is over. There is no case. The fact that it is being brought up now is suspect. The timing is suspect.”

Watch the revealing new “Today” show interview below:

Here’s Allen’s attorney’s main point simplified: “It’s a continuation of Mia Farrow’s desire to hurt Woody Allen.”

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