Tiger Woods' Press Agent Should Set Him Free

tiger woods hleaving conference

Tiger needs to stop listening to his agent, Mark Steinberg.

Under Steinberg’s watch, Woods has remained silent and aloof as the salacious story of his philandering festered in the public.

He had a chance to reverse that today, but he blew it.

Tiger Woods’ scripted announcement this morning did nothing to put this story to rest.

The questions that arose months ago remain, and the public will continue to gossip about what really happened.

Steinberg has been behind this debacle from the beginning, and his influence was clear again today.  Woods accepted no questions and read from an undoubtedly severely-edited speech that offered little explanation as to what really happened on the night of Nov. 27.  He also did not comment on the slew of girls who came forward as his mistresses.

Tiger, it’s time to stop listening to Mark, and it’s time to start speaking your mind.

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