'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins on the biggest challenge she faced bringing the hero to the big screen

“Wonder Woman” is the fourth instalment in DC’s Extended Universe, and the first female superhero movie since Jennifer Garner starred in “Elektra” in 2006. Director Patty Jenkins explains what the biggest challenge she faced was in bringing the hero to life on the big screen.

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Following is a transept of the video:

Longevity of focus, I think is the hardest party. You know it’s- to have a vision and then try to hold that vision and not have it change.

The hardest part was literally getting it to the start line and a commitment to make it happen even though you know it was a low burn over a long period of time. But you know longevity of focus is I think the hardest part. You know it’s to have a vision and then try to hold that vision and not have it change when a million elements around it change every day. So what a shot turned out like or what the thing turned out like or how the story changes subtly it’s like still trying to hold to the center.

I put it on myself before anybody else even had to because I am also a dan, I also appreciate the genre and it’s a once of a lifetime chance for her to have her first movie. So I care a lot about making the greatest thing I can anyway. This is – there’s an added layer of responsibility I did feel I was a perfectly good person to be the one to try and so from there I just gave everything that I had to trying to never drop the ball and make sure it really lived up to everything that I could. So, you know, it was pressure I could deal with and it actually was an amazingly fun experience because I love my cast and I love the story we are telling and we laughed all day long but it doesn’t mean I never stopped waking up everyday and saying like, “Anything I can do- I’ll do to make this better”

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