Women’s World Cup Final Sets All-Time Twitter Record

Japan world cup

Photo: AP

The wild climax of yesterday’s Women’s World Cup final set the new high-water mark for Twitter volume.Japan’s victory drew 7,196 tweets per second during the shootout.

Amazingly, yesterday’s penalty shootout between Brazil and Paraguay in the Copa America drew the second-most tweets per second all time, with 7,166.

These two numbers are evidence of the incredible growth of Twitter in the past 12 months. Last year’s World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands topped out at 3,051.

Other notable events such as Osama bin Laden’s death (5,106) and the Super Bowl (4,064) also came in well below the U.S.-Japan game.

The previous record was 6,939, and was set after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day.

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