So Far 2011 Is Looking Solid For Women's Magazines! Check Out The First Quarter's 17 Winners And Losers


For women’s magazines (in industry parlance ‘fashion and lifestyle’), 2011’s first quarter results are already in.

And they aren’t bad.

First, a quick look back.

2010 was a strong growth year for magazines, at least compared to the miserable state of the print industry in 2009. 99 out of the 149 magazines that the Magazine Industry Newsletter (MIN) tracks gained in ad pages in 2010, with women’s magazines including Vogue and People StyleWatch, having particularly strong year-end results.

So is the women’s magazine industry continuing to recover in 2011?

From what we can tell from the first quarter results: somewhat.

Amy Wicks of WWD calls the results “mixed.” The biggest winner in ad pages was People StyleWatch, which went up 46.5% to 197 pages, followed closely by Anna Wintour’s Vogue which grew 10.6% in the first quarter to 619 pages.

And the biggest loser?

Lucky was not so lucky, falling 14.3% to 204.1 pages — a particularly bleak figure compared to where the shopping magazine was at this time last year, when it reported a 17% increase.

Also shedding ad pages is Oprah’s magazine O. Despite her increased exposure this year with the launch of her new OWN network, her magazine dropped 4.2% to 283 pages.

WINNER: Essence elevated their page count 6% to 282

LOSER: O: The Oprah Magazine dropped 4.2% to 283 pages

WINNER: W boosted their pages by 6.5% to 267

LOSER: Health diminished by 5.5% to 193 pages

WINNER: Allure showed a 7.5% increase to 231.2 pages

LOSER: Fitness lowered their page number by 6.7% to 222

WINNER: InStyle raised its pages by 10.9% to 489.5

LOSER: Shape decreased their page count by 7.5% to 269.6

WINNER: Women's Health was up 11.7% to 117.5 pages

LOSER: Harper's Bazaar fell off by 11.6% to 368.9

WINNER: Elle recorded a 14.3% improvement to 517 pages

LOSER: Cosmopolitan witnessed a 12.5% decrease to 252.4 pages

WINNER: Vogue grew 10.6% in the first quarter to 619 pages

LOSER: Self declined 12.6% to 178 pages

BIGGEST WINNER: People StyleWatch witnessed the largest gains — 46.5% to 197 pages

BIGGEST LOSER: Lucky dropped 14.3% to 204.1 pages

BONUS: Marie Claire was even this quarter with 259 pages

BONUS: Town & Country was flat as well with 211.6 pages

Now check out the magazine that did best all last year...

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