The Women's Curling World Championship Is Really Intense

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty ImagesWe were browsing the Getty Images photo database last night when we stumbled upon this gold mine of awesome curling pictures.

They come from the World Women’s Curling Championship that’s currently taking place in Riga, Latvia.

For whatever reason, the tournament has produced some incredible portraits. Perhaps because the athletes are so stationary, the photographer was really able to capture the intensity of the event.

And BOY are these women awesomely intense.

Margaretha Sigfridsson of Sweden

Germany's Andrea Schopp was one of the most intense curlers at the tournament


Scottish curler Anna Sloan

Sloan's teammate Eve Muirhead

Eve Muirhead

Satsuki Fujisawa of Japan

Satsuki Fujisawa again

German curler Stella Heiss

Japan's Miyo Ichikawa

Scotland's Anna Sloan

Anna Sidorova of Russia

Muirhead yells at the stones

Margaretha Sigfridsson of Sweden

Imogen Oona Lehmann during Germany's loss to Canada

Schopp is the best

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