3 women who got Daenerys tattoos say they have no regrets after the 'Game of Thrones' character's sudden dark turn

Instagram/amberrwesttAmber West of Manchester, England is seen posing on the Iron Throne on the left. Her tattoo of Daenerys is on the right.

For the last eight years, many “Game of Thrones” viewers have rooted for Daenerys Targaryen to take the Iron Throne. But in the penultimate episode, the character lost many fans when she took a dark turn, using her dragon to burn King’s Landing, killing many innocent people.

It was a turn that some saw coming, but left many more shocked. Especially those who had gone so far as to get fan art tattoo of the beloved character.

After Sunday night’s episode, INSIDER spoke with three women who have Daenerys tattoos, and all three said they had no regrets.

Amber Tulino, 25, of Boone, North Carolina, got her tattoo just last month, but said she had been thinking about getting it for a while because she looks up to Daenerys as a “strong, female character.”

Pjimage (9)Instagram/pperoxxideprincessAmber Tulino of Boone, North Carolina got Daenerys tattooed on her arm last month.

When she heard that the actress who plays Daenerys, Emilia Clarke, had two aneurysms while filming, Tulino felt even more inspired.

“I suffer from depression and it was kinda like, ‘Well, if she can go through that, I can get through this day,’ ya know?” she told INSIDER.

They all agree Daenerys’ ‘mad queen’ devolution is rushed

This week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” left Tulino feeling disappointed, she said, because it felt like her character’s sudden turn to madness was “rushed” and “seemed against her character storyline.”

“She has had a temper throughout the series and has been impulsive, but has never once done anything to innocents,” Tulino said.

Initially, she said she worried what people might think about her tattoo in the wake of Sunday’s episode, but said she doesn’t “have any regrets about getting” it.

Instagram/lindsayvdcLindsay, a 31-year-old from Belgium, is still working on finishing this Daenerys tattoo on her leg.

“Directly after the episode aired, I was a little wary about how people would look at me now that I have Dany on my shoulder, knowing what she’s done,” she said. “But it’s still a bada– tattoo and she is still a bada– character to me, who just fell to sh—y writing and shock value to push the already short season along.”

Like Tulino, Amber West of Manchester, England, told us she decided to get a Daenerys tattoo because she gets “massive inspiration from her.”

“Regardless of what she went through, she always stuck by what she believed was right. Which I’d like to think I can relate a lot to,” the 22-year-old said.

Despite being a “huge” fan of the show, West said she hasn’t been “overly impressed” with the final season because she feels it has been “rushed” and “poorly written.”

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“I think Dany has gone ‘crazy’ too quickly,” West said. “I can understand why she’s took a turn for the worst – she’s dedicated her life to doing what she thinks is right. For it to have been [for] nothing, as she’s probably thinking, since she no longer has claim to the throne. Part of me feels really sympathetic for her.”

Nevertheless, West said she’ll “always think she was one of the best characters.”

Daenerys burning king's landing game of thronesHBOThe character of Daenerys Targaryen took a dark turn on the May 12 episode of Game of Thrones, when she torched the city of King’s Landing with her dragon.

“It’s just a shame that everything she’s done and overcome over the last 7 seasons has been stripped from her within a couple of weeks,” she said.

Lindsay, a 31-year-old from Belgium who asked not to use her last name, has a nearly completed tattoo of Daenerys on her leg (she still needs to add two more dragons to the design). She told us that she also has no regrets and “still loves” the character.

She said she’s sad that the show’s creators have decided to paint Daenerys as a “mad queen.” But she admits that there were several things leading up to her mental break that offered foreshadowing: the fact that she got no “respect or kindness” after helping defeat the Night King, Jon “dumping” her, and losing her closest friend, Missandei.

“It is sad that they made her biggest fear true and [making] her act like her dad,” Lindsay said. She added that she thinks the season will end with Arya Stark – who she also wants to get a tattoo of – killing Daenerys.

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