INSTANT MBA: Women Need To Trust Other Women At Work

indra nooyi

Photo: EntMoney

Today’s advice comes from Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, via The Wall Street Journal:“On the professional side, I had mentors who gave me feedback … I was very happy that these mentors stepped up and gave me feedback on how to interact in a world that is predominantly male … Women need to go to women and say, ‘Hey, that presentation wasn’t very good. Let me tell you how you could have done it better.’ But there’s a reverse problem. When women give women feedback, women don’t take it well.” 

Nooyi says women need to learn how to take advice from other women. She says the days of women lurking in the shadows are over and it’s time to own that by respecting other women’s opinions. Plus, when it comes to finding a mentor it always pays off to look up to a female co-worker. As men are often the ones in charge, it’s no wonder most women turn to a male co-worker when things get tough, but Nooyi challenges all women to think twice before they do. She says establishing relationships with other female co-workers is essential.

“So, there’s a funny psychological issue we need to address. Women can be better mentors to other women, and women should be more willing to accept women mentors. As for women themselves, I want to give you all a piece of advice. The harder the business, the bigger the turnaround, put your hand up and say, ‘I want to do it.’ Because doing a real turnaround and showing that you can take a difficult situation and make something out of it, counts for running three P&Ls. So, I’d suggest that you volunteer for these difficult jobs. It gives you a big diving board into many other things.”

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