A History Of American Women In The Workplace [PHOTOS]

There’s been a lot of debate recently concerning women in the workplace.

Whatever the argument is, one thing is certain: Women have come a long way since they began working outside their homes.

We compiled some photographs that show this amazing transition.

1900-1910: A woman poses by the typewriter in a Rocky Mountain Fuel Company office in Colorado.

1900-1920: A woman sits at her desk with a typewriter in an empty office.

1902: Several women are photographed working in an office in Dayton, Ohio.

1904: A woman is photographed working alongside men in an office in the Pan American Bank.

1906: At least 50 women are working in this room at the recorder's office in Chicago, Ill.

1916: Two women working in the offices of The Suffragist, the weekly journal published by the Congressional Union and National Woman's Party from 1913 to 1921.

1917: Several women working in the Red Cross recruiting office.

1922: Three women working in an unidentified office in Washington, D.C. The woman on the left is operating an addressograph.

1929: Seven women office employees posing for the camera at the Montgomery Ward department store in Chicago, Ill.

Five women smile for a picture while working their office jobs.

1928: Women and men are working in a radio station office.

1928: A woman is writing on a piece of paper while Mr. Moran, president of Industrial Bank located in Chicago, Ill., speaks.

1920-1930: A woman is up to her neck with work in an office in Denver, Colo.

1939-1945: A woman working at the NYSE.

1939-1945: These women are working with ammunitions for World War II.

1942: Women working on a bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, Calif.

1943: Women working in the the Douglas aircraft plant at El Segundo, Calif.

1943: Enola O'Connell, widow and mother, was the only woman welder at Heil and Co., Milwaukee, Wis. at the time.

1950s: A woman working on a teletype in a financial office.

1950s: A trader woman using high speed tape and quotations.

And the modern women at work today:

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