There Are More Women General Counsels At Fortune 500 Companies Than Ever Before: Survey

amy schulmanAmy Schulman, general counsel at Pfizer

Photo: equaljusticeworks/YouTube

The number of women serving as general counsel at Fortune 500 companies has more than doubled from 1999 to 2008, according to a survey by Minority Corporate Counsel Association.There were 92 women holding the position in 2008, compared to 44 in 1999, reported on the survey Monday.

The trend continued to increase through 2011, with 108 women – more than ever before – serving as general counsel at Fortune 500 companies.

“The real impact of this news, hopefully, is that it will illustrate to law firms that corporate law departments are serious about inclusion both in the word and in deed, and that the time is coming when law firms need to get serious about it as well,” MCCA president Joseph West told

Regardless of the rising trend, women hold the top legal job in only 21 per cent of Fortune 500 companies, according to The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, which has highlights of the survey.

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