Moroccan women charged with 'gross indecency' for wearing skirts acquitted

Two Moroccan women who were charged with ‘gross indecency’ for wearing skirts have been acquitted, according to the BBC.

Sanaa and Siham were arrested in Inezgane last month after a man drew attention to what they were wearing. The women were then harassed by a group of men and charged.

The women’s lawyer told TelQuel that “The next step will be to prosecute those who harassed and assaulted Sanaa and Siham. We have already filed a complaint.” 

Their arrest had sparked protests and a national outcry. An online petition calling for the women’s release had gathered momentum and called for the men who assaulted the women to be prosecuted.

Supporters had also been sharing their opposition on social media using the hashtag “#mettre_une_robe_nest_pas_un_crime” and “#wearing_a_dress_is_not_a_crime”. 

 “We are all concerned! Wearing a dress is not a crime!” Majda S. had written in the petition. 

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