Brides Are Using This Insane New Diet To Fit Into Their Wedding Dresses

skinny brides

Photo: Shutterstock

NYT’s Linda Lee reports on a shocking new procedure brides are using to shed a quick 20 pounds before the wedding.Women get a nasogastric tube inserted into their noses that feeds them 800 calories a day for about 10 days. Women drop the pounds quickly through ketosis, the process where the body burns fat instead of sugar.

During the 10-day period, women complained of constipation, bad breath, and dizziness. A small price to pay, it seems, to be a size 8 instead of a 12 in a wedding dress.

The procedure, which has been popular in the Mediterranean for a few years, costs around $1,500.

Let us remind you that a gym membership is cheaper and less disgusting.

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