Women are taking on the 'Man Cave' with 'She Sheds', and they look awesome

Up until now only men have had a designated area to hang their trophies, watch footy and kick back with the boys in reclining plush armchairs in what has come to be known as the “Man Cave”.

Well, no longer is this sanctuary specifically for men. Women across the world have gone one better and created the “She Shed”.

The trend has gone gangbusters overseas and now it has hit the shores of Australia.

John Chesterfield, the sales manager of Melwood Cedar Sheds in Neutral Bay, Sydney has said his business has definitely benefited from the “She Shed” trend, adding that we’re only seeing the beginnings of their popularity.

“I believe it will continue to grow,” he says.

“I am finding even when couples are deciding on the backyard garden shed it’s not just stereotypical of the man to make the decision. Women are becoming more involved in the project from the beginning to the end of the decision making.”

He said 70% of their cabanas were sold primarily for women to use “whether they are in a relationship with a man or not”.

“For example, women are now using these cabanas as art studios, sewing/craft rooms, garden retreats, tea rooms and home offices.

“We have also seen a growing trend in women deciding on the appearance of the shed for her husband/partner’s ‘Man Shed’ and that they are slowly taking over the project.

“We find that men don’t generally worry that much about the appearance of the shed as women do.”

Here’s a look at some of the cool designs on Instagram.

@houseofmaxaria and @vagopsarah Thank you for the #widn tag!! Apologies for a late reply!! The weekend was beautifully busy, with markets and sports, but tonight I'm daydreaming of a quiet spot, like this #sheshed!! Apparently it's a big trend now!? The idea is the women's version of a man-cave….& it's so incredibly smart I just don't know why it took so long to catch on!! This #beachy SheShed is absolutely gorgeous!! Do you all have #shesheds?! What do you think of the idea?! @thedowntownminimalist @thenester (Thank you for giving me permission to love MY house, as it is!!!!!!! And now I'm spreading the word to others!!) care to share a #widn? (Photo credit: VTWonen) #beach #vacation #shesheds #sheshedesign #shesellsseashellsbytheseashore

A photo posted by Kate (@oliveandford) on

My garden shed is night time ready.. so pretty #gardenshedproductions #shesheds #entertainment #metime #sheds

A photo posted by Tracy (@greatflowerlady) on

She Sheds are the new Man Caves for ladies! What do ya'll think? #SheSheds

A photo posted by Vanessa Schuelke REALTOR (@vrealtorforyou) on

Man Caves? Nope. She Sheds! See more: j.mp/SheSheds

A photo posted by Houzz Australia (@houzzau) on

#shesheds I want

A photo posted by jessie (@kittens_smitten) on

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