Women are insulted by what Nike thinks female athletes want


Nike has debuted a new women’s sportswear collection that looks more appropriate for a fashion runway than a gym.

The collection, designed with Japanese fashion studio Sacai, includes knee-length skirts, billowy transparent tops and sweatshirt dresses.

“The Sacai collection is undoubtedly a vanity project for Nike, but its premise — that female athletes prize style and appearance over functionality and performance — is completely tone-deaf,” writes Megan Wiegand for Slate.

Here’s a closer look at one of the styles:


Sacai’s founder, Chitose Abe, said she reinterpreted Nike’s “heritage sportswear silhouettes” for the collection.

“The resulting eight-piece capsule collection seamlessly blends the iconic look of sport with a feminine and modern edge,” the company says on its website.


Abe said the pieces are supposed to be functional.

“The idea of functionality is important to me, as is fabric innovation, which has always been at the heart of sacai,” Abe told Nike. “For me, Nike is an original icon with performance and innovation at its core. It has been inspiring to work together.”

But the pieces don’t look very functional for any kind of workout, whether it’s yoga, running, or competitive sports.


Here’s another look from the collection:Women don’t appear to be impressed by the new styles, calling them “ridiculous” and “horrifying” on social media.

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