The Craziest 15 Ways Women Say They Were Harassed At Goldman Sachs

Christina Chen-Oster and Shanna Orlich

Three women allege that they were the victims of gender discrimination on Wall Street.During their work at Goldman Sachs, they say, the women received unwelcome sexual advances, they were ostracized, overheard inappropriate sexual banter, were not invited to male outings, and were passed up for promotions and bonuses that their male equals received.

One of the victims, Lisa Parisi, called her situation “untenable.”

In a lengthy lawsuit filed today in Federal Court against Goldman Sachs, Christina Chen-Oster, Lisa Parisi, and Shanna Orlich share their hurtful stories.

They’ve trotted out several examples.

One night, Goldman sponsored a night out at Scores

An event which the male then recounted to his friend at work (who was also her supervisor)

And in emails. Later, Chen-Oster was e-mailed sexual references thinly veiled in fake Chinese. Chen-Oster is Chinese.

Eventually she wound up the only Vice President sitting with administrative secretaries

Another woman, Lisa Parisi, grew the assets in her account to the same amount as a male, but was paid less

When Parisi complained, Goldman gave her the job back, without explanation

She suspects her supervisor intended to give her sector to a newly hired male

Goldman told another woman, Shanna Orlich, that she couldn't be a trader

But her male equal, who did push-up contests with the traders, was welcomed onto the trading floor

Chen-Oster, Orlich, and Parisi (not pictured) filed suit for gender discrimination against Goldman today.

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