A Woman's IPhone 5 Reportedly Exploded And Injured Her Eye

A woman in China reportedly injured her eye after her iPhone 5’s screen exploded.
The Dalian woman, Li, said her phone was hot after talking on it for about 40 minutes, the local Dalian Evening News reports.

When she tried to end the call, the phone didn’t respond. She repeatedly tapped on the screen to try to get the call to end, but the phone’s screen eventually exploded.

The top right corner of the screen cracked and shot particles into her eyes, according to the report.

Li admits to having dropped her phone once since purchasing it last September. The drop left a small crack in the upper right corner.

Although she’s not looking for compensation, Li hopes other iPhone users will be more careful.

Last month, a Chinese woman was reportedly shocked to death when she answered a call on her iPhone 4 while it was charging .

Since then, Apple has started to strongly recommending the use of official chargers. Apple also launched a third-party USB charger takeback program to offer customers official replacement chargers for just $US10.

We have reached out to Apple and will update this story if we hear back.

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