Should Cell Phone Companies Be Held Responsible For Auto Deaths?

Cell Phone Driving

Everyone knows you should not talk or text and drive, but a whole lot of people do it anyway. 

Is that the fault of the human condition or cell phone companies for failing to tell us how dangerous it is?

A woman whose mother died when she was hit by a driver talking on a cell phone is suing Samsung and Sprint Nextel for failing to adequately warn about the dangers of talking on the phone while driving.

Matt Richtel wrote on the lawsuit The New York Times, the only one of its kind currently filed, and notes it has an uphill climb to success. 

On one hand “it deals with the widespread use of a product we now know is involved in significant risk,” as one Berkeley law professor notes. A products liability defence attorney counters that since most people know it is dangerous and that people do it anyway, most would also assume drivers would keep talking no matter the strength of the warning.

Read the full article here.

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