Woman Gave Her $10,000 Fur Coat To A Drive-Thru Employee After Worker Complimented It

Fur coat whataburgerABC 6Whataburger employee Cheryl Semien modelling her new fur coat that was randomly gifted to her by a customer at the drive-thru.

A woman going through the drive-thru of a Houston, Texas-area Whataburger handed a restaurant worker a Mink coat valued at $US10,000 last Friday, according to a local ABC News affiliate TV station.

What prompted the surprising exchange? The worker merely complimented the coat.

“The lady said, ‘that’s a beautiful coat’ and she was so sweet,” the woman known only as Nadine told ABC News. “So I took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window.”

She said she was just doing “what felt right.”

The worker, Cheryl Semien, reacted as anyone would after they  just recieved a Mink coat worth $US10,000 unexpectedly. According to Semien’s coworkers, she “was yelling, as if she won a million dollars.

“She was a perfect stranger, I didn’t know this lady from nowhere,” said Semien, who had been working at the restaurant for nine years.

Semien told ABC that she plans to “treasure” the coat and “pair with some boots.”

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