Woman Allegedly Punches Restaurant Worker For Putting Too Many Pickles On Her Sandwich

pickles subway sub

A Massachusetts woman was arrested for allegedly punching a restaurant worker in the face for putting too many pickles on her steak and cheese sandwich. 

The woman, Tina Drouin, 49, ordered the sandwich from Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in Quincy, Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press

She then started complaining that there were too many pickles on her sandwich, and confronted the female worker, asking for a refund, police told the AP. 

“That’s when Drouin allegedly punched the female worker in the face, and pushed over two large pickle jars, knocking the worker to the floor and shattering the jars,” according to the AP

Drouin will be summoned to court on assault charges. 

We haven’t seen someone this incensed over a steak sandwich since a Subway worker allegedly threatened a man for asking for ketchup on his Philly cheese steak. 

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