A woman just married the crush she met on Twitter

Twitter-weddingTwitter/VictoriaOB_These two are total tweethearts.

Jonathan and Victoria O’Brien met on Twitter. Three years later, they got married. 

Their love story began back in 2012, when Jonathan was managing the Twitter feed of Waterstones bookstore in London. His witty tweets caught Victoria’s attention and quickly won her over, even though she didn’t know who was writing them. So she sent out a tweet publicly declaring her affection for the mystery man. 

Victoria’s friends dared her to ask him out, and she accepted the challenge. Jonathan ignored her first tweet but caught her second. Two months later, they went on their first date. 

Here are the 104 characters that started it all:

Yesterday, Victoria took to Twitter to announce their marriage using a famous line from the novel Jane Eyre. Their story quickly started trending

Soon after, Jonathan took a moment to respond to the overflow of well-wishes and media attention, tweeting, “The response to this has been astounding. Thanks, the internet. And Twitter, we guess.” 

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