This woman made an entire outfit out of 300 Wegmans plastic bags and you have to see it to believe it

Democrat & ChronicleRosa Ferrigno made an outfit out of shopping bags.
  • Rosa Ferrigno, a 75-year-old Italian immigrant, knitted a skirt, top, and purse out of Wegmans shopping bags.
  • It took her two months to complete, but she said she did it “for fun.”
  • Wegmans issued a statement, saying they have never seen anything like it.

A New York woman took recycling and repurposing to the next level.

Last summer at a family picnic, Rosa Ferrigno, a 75-year-old immigrant from Italy, noticed a guest wearing a purse made from repurposed plastic bags. Inspired by the accessory, Ferrigno quickly taught herself to knit with shopping bags and made herself a purse out of JC Penny bags.

But, she didn’t stop there. Ferrigno then made an entire outfit out of 300 Wegmans shopping bags, and now she’s turning heads.

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It was no easy feat, though. Ferrigno started by cutting each bag into strips and tied them together, which became her yarn. She whittled two dowels into knitting needles when she realised she needed giant needles that aren’t for sale. The former seamstress also sewed a brown cotton fabric inside the clothing to make it more durable. In the end, she used 140 bags for the skirt, 170 bags for the jacket, and it took her two months to create the repurposed look.

Take a closer look at her process in the video below:

Though the process may have been long and detailed, Ferrigno said she enjoyed every second of it.

“I do it for fun,” she told the Democrat and Chronicle.

The finished product, which looks more like an outfit made from actual yarn than shopping bags, has received positive reviews. When Ferrigno wore the outfit to a post-wedding brunch, everybody “went crazy” for the look.

Rose ferrgino shopping bad outfitDemocrat & ChronicleYarn made from shopping bags.

They weren’t the only ones applauding Ferrigno, however. Wegmans also took notice of her work.

“We love it when our customers reuse or recycle grocery bags, but never have we seen a work of art like Rosa’s!” Jo Natale, vice president of media relations at Wegmans, said.

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