Woman Launches Hedge Fund From Her Apartment With Only $1,000 Minimum Investment

sarah bennett

A lady litigator has launched a small-time hedge fund out of her apartment.

Sarah Bernett’s Bernett Diversified Global Fund is aimed at “low to middle income” investors, so she has decided to ask no more than $1,000 from investors wishing to take up a stake in her new fund.

$1,000 is a ridiculously low minimum for a hedge fund, and in fact, we’re not even sure how it’s legal, given the requirement that hedge fund investors be accredited and have a net worth of at least $1 million.

Bernett says she can’t explain more, though:

“…due to outdated securities laws predicated on the false theory that non-wealthy investors are too stupid to comprehend financial information and act in their best interests.”

According to FINalternatives, founder Sarah Bernett aims to attract $500,000 for her fund, but her filing with the SEC shows that so far she’s only raised $30,050.

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