Prostitute Says 'Dark Knight' Suspect Threatened Her During Sex

james holmes in courtJames Holmes

Photo: Getty Images News

A prostitute claiming alleged Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes paid her for sex said he was “aggressive and controlling” during their encounters.The woman, a redhead, also claims Holmes was obsessed with her hair.

In an interview with The Sun of London, which the New York Post reported early Monday morning, Monica Hall, 25, said Holmes was a “nice guy, shy and nervous,” during their first meeting but later became angry and threatening.

“He was mean, and during sex he kept gripping my hands and wrists,” she said. “Next morning, I discovered I had bruises. I saw two sides, like Jekyll and Hyde — sweet and later mean.”

“I was so scared. I thought I was going to get really hurt,” Hall told The Sun, according to the Post, adding that “after sex, he wanted to lounge around and talk about himself all night.”

Holmes, who has a history of soliciting prostitutes, also became obsessed with Hall’s hair, which was red at the time of their encounters, often asking her if she was a natural redhead.

“Whenever I said yes, he would smile,” Hall said.

In his first court appearance last week, and during the shooting, Holmes sported bright red hair. Holmes is set to appear in court later today where formal charges will be filed against him.

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