"Wolverine" Piracy Surged Last Week

Maybe it was the awareness that the pirated version of Wolverine was actually the whole film. Maybe people in Mexico were downloading the movie because they couldn’t see it in theatres, but for some reason, downloads of the workprint version of Wolverine surged last week.

After being the most pirated movie the week after it first leaked, Wolverine fell to No. 4 the following week, before falling out of the top 10 for the week ending April 19. The workprint hasn’t been in the top 10 since April 12, but surged back to No. 6 this past week, according to Bit Torrent’s list of the top 10 most pirated movies.

Interestingly, it was at the end of last week when it first emerged that the workprint version was “identical” to the theatrical version apart from some effects work and added music. We said at the time that this might increase piracy of the film. But, then again, the downloaders could just be people in Mexico confined to their houses because of swine flu. We’re sure that’s the reason for the surge.

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