Studios Amping Up Security To Prevent Another "Wolverine" Leak

In the wake of Fox’s Wolverine leak, rival studios have stepped up their security and monitoring of postproduction footage (including who handles it).

Warner Bros, whose technical operations head said she felt her stomach drop when she heard about the Wolverine leak, is reviewing its practices and imposing tighter security on footage for its upcoming summer tentpoles like Terminator Salvation and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, carrying out the same sort of anti-piracy campaign they used for The Dark Knight.

“There is a great sense of concern when something like this occurs,” Darcy Antonellis, president of technical operations at Warner Bros. who plays a major role in the studios’ anti-piracy efforts told The Hollywood Reporter. “We constantly have to review and renew our practices to minimize this risk.”

Meanwhile, Universal’s general counsel says the studio already tightened security a few years ago, but the Wolverine leak served as a “wake-up call and a motivation to renew our efforts.” Fox, somewhat understandably, wouldn’t comment on what changes it’s made in the wake of the leak.

In general, though, studios are carefully monitoring postproduction houses to make sure footage is kept locked up and they’re paying attention to who’s handling it—and even opening the mail.

But having Big Brother watching is a price post-production facilities are willing to pay to stay in business.

“A leak can mean the difference between staying viable or not,” an insider told THR. “Word gets around town pretty fast.”

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