This Australian Resort Is One Of The Few Places On Earth Where You Rarely Hear 'No' For An Answer

I am surrounded by sandstone cliffs, eucalyptus clinging precariously, fighting dramatic drops into the valley below.

Phone reception has vanished. No more emails, calls or texts.

There’s just the my partner, myself and the wilderness.

From the moment we leave the main road and wind down into the valley we know we’re bound for somewhere special.

Wolgan Valley Resort, on the western side of the Blue Mountains, is a place where elegant accommodation, food, service and relaxation come together but it doesn’t have that air of snobbery some resorts of this calibre can adopt.

Driving through big security gates, it’s a private estate sprawled across a few thousand acres.

It’s a place you never need to leave.

It’s also somewhere you will rarely hear the word “no” for an answer. Both from staff and guests, including me, when my partner asked me to marry him.

I felt very special but so do a lot of people. On average, the resort has one marriage proposal a week – and as far as staff are aware they’ve had a 100% success rate.

One of the standout proposals involved an Amazing Race-style obstacle course where the guy had arranged numerous activities for his soon-to-be-fiancé throughout the stunning property. The clues eventually ended with him popping the question.

It’s easy to fall in love with Wolgan Valley resort, especially when you’re with somebody you already love.

Here’s the run down.

From Sydney drive over the Blue Mountains, keep going, down the other side of the Great Dividing Ranges, through Lithgow. It's a right hand turn off the highway. Keep driving, for at least another half an hour until it feels like the road, which is freshly tarred, is going to come to an end. Follow the sheer cliffs, wind down into a gully. You're almost there.

A fair way along you'll pass a lot of Wolgan Valley signs. But you're looking for the big wooden gates. Make another right.

But if you're arriving by helicopter you'll land just inside the gates.

Whether you're arriving by car or chopper, a driver will promptly meet you with a four wheel drive and chauffeur you to the resort.

Don't worry about your bags, they'll take care of it. All you need to do is freshen up on the lounge and drink your champagne while they check you in.

Did I mention champagne? It's included in the package along with a good selection of local wines and both Australian and international beers.

If you arrive a little early, before your room is ready, it's not a hassle. Pop downstairs and they'll fix you some lunch.

A three course lunch. Because when you're on holidays who needs to worry about the waistline...

Including dessert. No judgement here.

After lunch we're driven through the resort, passed a line of pavilions, en route to our very own.

Our ride this time was a golf buggy.

It's a pretty serious, stretch golf buggy.

We stayed in pavilion number 11.

They're these beautiful timber and stone buildings.

Inside, it's comfortably spacious and luxuriously appointed.

This chair and throw blanket was so comfortable to sit back and chill in. There were so many magazines to flick through.

On the other side of the lounge room there's also a huge four post bed.

And a tv mounted on the wall so you can sit back and get some screen time.

Oh and they did take care of our luggage. Look how neat it is, all lined up in the massive walk in robe.

Each room is stocked with a bunch of tasty snacks - and if you run out, don't worry! The amazing staff will run down in the golf buggy with an extra block of Zokoko chocolate. Which is a relief - you don't want to be stressed about running out of that deliciously smooth treat.

In your room there's an extensive range of tea to choose from and some gorgeous little honey pots, if you need a break from the champagne.

But there's also a nice drop of red...

Which goes down well sitting by your private lap pool.

Or in the tub listening to some tunes through the room's surround sound system.

But it's not all about the room. On the balcony you'll find two bikes to go exploring around Wolgan Valley's 6000 acre property.

There are a few creek crossings to master on the bikes. Your runners are at risk of getting wet.

You can also ride down to Wolgan's vegetable patch and eat strawberries straight from the garden.

The kitchen grows a lot of its own produce on site.

If you go at dusk or early morning you'll even see Wallaroos. There's an albino one out there too.

But make sure you're back in time for dinner. You don't want to miss a meal while you're there.

The menu changes each night, depending on what's fresh and what season it is. You can also choose to have the five course degustation.

If you're still feeling peckish after all that, retire to the cellar. You'll find a cheese platter set up and a specialist waiting to talk you through each option so you can tailor your very own after dinner treat.

Rolling back to our room after all that food, we were lucky enough to spot a wombat. Wildlife is everywhere - keep a lookout.

In the morning, breakfast is served on the homestead balcony. This place seriously knows how to feed you.

I had bacon eggs and spinach on sour dough. And it wasn't from a buffet - the chefs cooked all our breakfast to order.

I also had a fruit platter.

And a second helping of scrambled eggs and roast tomatoes...

But because there was no judgement I was completely comfortable throwing the bikini on and lounging by the pool...

Secret tip - if you wander down towards the outdoor spa, you'll find these big comfy day beds. It's a prime sun baking spot with a killer view.

Although you'll probably spend most of you time wondering what's for lunch... And that's ok. Even though we were checking out at midday, we were welcome to stay, enjoy the resort and eat some more food.

Another three course lunch? Why not?

And the answer to 'would you like dessert?' Is always yes.

The specifics

Details- Address: 2600 Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley, NSW 2970, Australia. Telephone: +61 2 6350 1800 Website:

Cost – Prices begin from $2,050 per night per suite including all meals, a range of beer and wine and some activities.

Food – First class.

Accommodation – Absolutely superb.

Activities – Plenty of them. Horse riding through the property, glow worm walks, wildlife drives, bike riding and a day spa.

Experience – A special experience. Everything is taken care of, from food to pampering. It’s the attention to the finer details which sets this property apart.

The verdict

Was it a nice experience? Yes.

Should you try it once? Yes.

Would I go again? Yes.

*Business Insider was a guest of Wolgan Valley Resort.*

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