Wiz Khalifa is giving his 5-year-old son an early start on fame by helping him launch a YouTube channel called 'Bash's World'

Bash’s World/YouTube
  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa made a YouTube channel for his five-year-old son Sebastian called “Bash’s World.”
  • The first video launched Tuesday and documents Khalifa helping Sebastian get ready for his first day of kindergarten.
  • The video gained nearly 19,000 views in a few hours and the channel had over 3,000 subscribers by Tuesday afternoon.

You have to start early to become a social-media influencer these days, and having two ultra-famous parents certainly doesn’t hurt.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is helping his son, Sebastian, reach internet fame by starting a YouTube channel for the five-year-old called “Bash’s World.” Sebastian’s mum, and Khalifa’s ex-wife, is also a famous personality: American model and actress Amber Rose.

“If you got kids, you know how much they watch other kids and this was all Bash’s idea so enjoy,” Khalifa wrote on Instagram.

The channel’s first video, called “Sebastian’s First Day of School,” launched Tuesday and documents Khalifa helping his son get ready for the school day.

The eight-and-a-half minute video begins with Khalifa waking Sebastian up and then making him breakfast, combing his hair and helping him get dressed before seeing him off on the school bus for his first day of kindergarten.

The video gained nearly 19,000 viewers in just a few hours, and was filmed and edited by Chris Cordova, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. As of Tuesday afternoon, the channel had over 3,000 subscribers.

At one point, Sebastian asks his dad for a chocolate cake for his sixth birthday, and if the channel continues to grow, we’ll probably end up seeing that cake on video.

Watch the full first video below:

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