Witnesses Describe Last Night's Terrifying Shooting In A Tuscaloosa Bar

shootThe suspect seemed to be shooting a semi-automatic weapon, according to witness accounts.

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About 90 people were playing in a weekly pool tournament at a bar on the University of Alabama’s campus when a gunman began shooting around 12:30 A.M.

Alabama Live is reporting that the suspected shooter has turned himself in by walking into a store and confessing to two people, including a police officer.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson told AP that the gunman first shot the front window then shot at people with a semi-automatic weapon as they fled the bar. Anderson believes that the suspect was targeting someone because he approached the Copper Top bar in a “watchful and observant” manner.

“It was kind of loud from the music, but we heard the gunshot, and no one really knew what to think,” University of Alabama senior Riley Dunn told CNN. “About 20 seconds later, that’s when he really started firing them off. After that, everyone really scattered.”

Eleven people were hit by gunfire and a total of 17 people were taking to the hospital. Of the four people still hospitalized, one is in extreme critical condition and three are in serious condition.

EMT Ryan Chandler was at the bar next door when he heard the shots and people began entering with wounds. Chandler treated six people and said that some looked like they were hit with buckshot while other wounds were more serious.

“One girl came [into the bar] limping, another guy came in and fell right to the floor with a gunshot wound to the back,” Chandler told the Crimson White. “Outside Copper Top, there were two or three girls with graze wounds. Then someone said that someone was bleeding in the back of Copper Top. They had someone in the back, and he had one or two shots in the leg…I spent 10 or 15 minutes treating him. [When I arrived] they had a tourniquet on his leg…there was an ungodly amount of blood.”

Alabama senior Willie King told the Crimson White that he was in the back of the bar with the bleeding man and a bunch of people who his after mistakenly thinking that they could exit through the back:

“So we’re all lying down, everyone has blood on them, no one knows if they were shot or not because of the adrenaline going through all our veins,” King said. “We laid back there for I don’t know how long, it felt like an hour but it was probably like 10 or 15 minutes.”

Several bar patrons reportedly chased after the shooter. AP reports that pools of blood are still visible outside the bar and a trail of bloody footprints can be seen for about two blocks.

Below the AP has Dunn’s account of the shooting, with footage of the suspect:

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