With rumours Of A ~ $350 Million Valuation Flying Around, Viddy Steals The #1 Free App Spot

Viddy is reportedly raising a big Series B round of financing at a $350 million+ valuation.

On the heels of that news and news of its A-list investors (Shakira, Biz Stone and more), it has claimed the #1 free iOS app spot. It’s been hanging out at the top of the App Store for the past six or so days. The company says it’s adding about 500,000 new users per day.

viddy app data

Photo: AppData

“The way Viddy is connected to social networks is very good. It has a good level of fit and finish — except the background music is god-awful,” says my colleague, Nicholas Carlson.Here’s the Viddy he made of me while I was writing this post:

By comparison, here’s the same video of me writing this post taken with Viddy competitor Socialcam (below). SocialCam has about 10 million users, the same number as Viddy, and it’s the 6th most downloaded iOS app, behind Instagram.

Carlson actually likes SocialCam better.

“SocialCam allows you to tag your Facebook friends, and that makes it much more appealing — however it did not tweet out as quickly.”

socialcam alyson

Photo: Socialcam via Nicholas Carlson

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