With less than a month to go, here are the last-minute Christmas tech gifts we know will deliver the goods

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You’ve got four weeks left to get your online orders in for Christmas presents.

No doubt your list is now narrowing down to those people who are so hard to buy for, you’d really rather not at all.

Remember now, it’s the season of love. Together, we’ve got this, with a rundown of the best graft that’s landed on our doorsteps since the Father’s Day gift guide went out.

Tried, tested* and found to be not only working – and that is a thing in tech gift world – but worth giving.

Let’s start with a couple for the audiophile in the family.

PaMu Scroll earbuds

OK, a true audiophile would never own earbuds, but the people at PaMu have made it their life mission to pack the biggest sound possible into a tiny earpiece.

They’re getting mighty close – “satisfying bass” aren’t two words you’d often associate with earbuds, even ones made by Apple. But you’re safe to with these.

You”ll also get Qi wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.0 from this crowdfunded company which is actually delivering the goods it promises.

We recommend this Rock n Roll charging case in leather:

PaMu Scroll. Picture: Business Insider

It is nice.

Get it here for $108

Mighty Vibe

Speaking of Mighty, pair your PaMus with this and you’ve got the perfect running companion:

Mighty small, Mighty Vibe.

We’ve had a Mighty for most of 2018 and it rarely misses a beat. Basically, it’s your modern MP3 player for those who remember such a thing.

Only the Mighty can hold more than 1000 songs from your Spotify playlist. Yes, that’s offline, without a phone required.

It’s crazy that Mighty is just about alone in the market with the capability to do that. We’re not even sure if it’s allowed to, so get in, quick.

Get it here for $145 inc. shipping. (Hot tip: Order it, then don’t press the final confirm button. You might get an email offer 24 ours later to complete your purchase with reduced or free shipping.)

Sony WH1000XM3 Over-Ear Headphones

Sony is the Mazda of the AV world. A maker of bulletproof, exceptionally high quality products burdened with a brand that’s just all-too-familiar these days to have notable street cred.

Ignore that. These gorgeous headphones are your MX5:

Go on, be bold.

Slip them on and just smile, nod and ignore the crowds, knowing these are 100% built for the person behind the wheel to enjoy endlessly.

And that’s crowds you won’t hear anyway – at all. When it comes to noise-cancelling, Sony has got Bose’s match in the updated WH1000XM3s, plus five hours of battery life on a 10-minute charge.

Get it here for $536.44.

Gladius Mini underwater drone

We don’t even know what to say to convince you to part with $2,995 for a drone that flies underwater. Only that we had a tonne of fun with it, once we got over our fear of losing it.

The tether is stronger than your faith in it. Picture: Business Insider

It is obviously an expensive toy. But it’s a very, very cool one. Chuck a Bitcoin at it and at least you’ll still own something valuable for another year.

Get it here for if you care, you can’t afford it.

Tiny Tower

Nawww. It’s like a tiny portable standing desk, only you don’t stand to use it:

Tiny Tower. Straighten those shoulders, young person.

The Tiny Tower, however, does try to make sure you’re sitting up straight. Force the kids onto it and at least you’ll get good posture as some kind of return out of the 16 hours a day they’re glued to their gaming laptops.

Get it here for $119

Sphero Bolt

BOLT – it might the world’s most advanced ball.

It’s a great thing to teach your kids to code. But do it because it’s fun; not because they might get a job out of it.

Sphero specialises in making coding fun. And BOLT has no boundaries when it comes to that sort of thing.

From kinder to Yr 8, you’ll be blown away with what they can make a plastic ball dotted with LEDs do with Scratch drag-and-drop programming. Promise.

Get it here for $248


Another excellent coding option is Truckbots:

TruckBots. Picture: UBTECH

UBTECH Robotics are a few years into this genre now, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

This kit has a dozer and a digger, two servos and motors, and can be programmed from Apple and Android devices with animated, step-by-step instructions.

And it’s cheaper than LEGO. Sshh.

Get it here for $156.95.


Nothing ruins Christmas in Australia quite like a close shark encounter.

But no self-respecting surfer wants to signal their sharkfear by wearing a ridiculously patterned wetsuit. They’d rather lose a limb.

So do your best to protect a boneheaded loved one by getting them a Sharkbanz. As a wrist or ankle band, it’s kind of low-profile, and if this video is anything to go by, sharks hate it.

He’s perfectly safe. Picture: Sharkbanz/YouTube

*Disclaimer: We haven’t actually tried this ourselves with real sharks. But please, get back to us with your test results.

Get it here for $119

Leatherman TREAD Tempo

If you haven’t given someone a Leatherman tool for Christmas, why? They’re pretty much failproof, both IRL and as a welcome pressie.

If you have, then it’s time to level up to this:

What time is it? Time to use my carbide glass breaker, right here.

The new TREAD Tempo Watch is 20% lighter and narrower than the original. But wait, wait – it still has tools stored in the links. 30 tools! Among them are a screwdriver, two hex drives, two box wrenches, two square drives, bottle opener, carbide glass breaker, and a pozi-drive. Whatever that is.

Get it here for $799.

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