With Just 14 Minutes Of Fame To Go, The Riot Kissers Have Hired A PR Firm

riot kiss couple

We learned a valuable lesson this week; if you’re in the middle of a riot, start making out with someone, because it could make you rich.

The Toronto Star is reporting that riot kissers Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas want to cash in on their new-found celebrity.

The couple plans to go the famous-for-being-famous route by doing appearances and endorsing products. In addition, Jones wants to jump-start his alleged standup comedy career.

“It could set him up for life, if he’s as good as Robin Williams or Bill Cosby,” a spokesman for Markson Sparks, the Australian PR firm that now represents the couple, told the Star.

Jones was a bartender who had “one standup comedy gig in Vancouver” before the riot kiss, so let’s hold off on the Robin Williams comparisons for now.

Markson Sparks says an appearance could generate $10,000 for the couple and a true endorsement contract “might be worth $100,000 to them.”

What luck. One night you and your loser boyfriend are rolling around on the ground like homeless exhibitionists, and a week later you’re rich. That truly is the Canadian dream.

Read the whole Toronto Star story here.

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