With Baseball Mitt, Huntsman Goes After Romney’s Jobs Record In New Ad

Jon Huntsman Ad Mitt Baseball

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has a better record on job creation than a dusty old baseball mitt.

Sort of.

In a sly swipe at fellow GOP primary contender Mitt Romney, Huntsman has released a new campaign ad contrasting his record of job creation to that of an unnamed former Republican governor whose role in the ad is played by an assortment of washed-out baseball mitts.

“Beneath the razzle and dazzle, numbers never lie,” a narrator intones at the start of the video. Citing a June National Review article, the ad claims that Utah had the strongest job growth in the nation under Huntsman, while Massachusetts under Romney ranked 47th, giving him, “one of the saddest records,” in the country.

The ad never mentions Romney by name, though the implication is clear — the ad refers to a former governor of Massachusetts and, whenever mentioned, the camera cuts to images of a dirty, discarded baseball mitt lying in the dust.

Huntsman has started to distance himself from the GOP contenders in recent weeks, painting himself as the moderate candidate in a field of radicals. His skewering of Romney makes political sense then, as both he and Romney are vying for the same middle of the road space in the race.

And in case a record of job growth isn’t enough to entice voters, Huntsman brought back his motocross rider for this latest ad. Watch the whole video below: