Wisconsin Supreme Court Recount Will Cost Taxpayers More Than $550,000

wisconsin supreme court election

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court recount will cost more than $550,000, the Associated Press reports today.Cost estimates for the recount ranged from $120 in Price County to $500,000 in Milwaukee County, according to an Associated Press survey of 22 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. The counties will pick up the tab for the recount because the final vote margin in the highly contested Supreme Court race was less than one-half per cent of all votes cast.

County clerks are scrambling to prepare for the recount, which starts tomorrow and will last until May 9. The tight timeline is expected to be difficult for the 31 counties that have been ordered to recount the votes by hand.

Challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg asked for the recount last week after final election tallies showed she lost to conservative incumbent David Prosser by 7,316 votes. The election is considered a litmus test for public sentiment over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation.

Kloppenburg’s campaign has also requested a special investigator in Waukesha County, where 14,000 unreported votes were found two days after the election, giving Prosser his decisive lead.

Kloppenburg’s request points out that Prosser was seen attending a private meeting with Walker the night after the election. That same day, Walker made public statements commenting that there might be “ballots somewhere, somehow found out of the blue that weren’t counted before.”

All intrigue aside, the Waukesha votes are likely legitimate (they gel with the county’s voter turnout numbers.) As we’ve noted before, the recount is unlikely to change the final election outcome unless there is some pretty glaring proof that that the integrity of the vote was compromised.