Sikh Temple Shooter's Ex Wants The Public To Focus On 'Heroes' Of Tragedy

Misty CookMisty Cook

Photo: An undated handout photo provided by the Anti-Defamation League.

Wade Page’s ex-girlfriend was arrested for allegedly having an illegal gun in the home she once shared with the man believed to have killed six people at a Wisconsin Sikh temple.Misty Cook, a 31-year-old waitress and nursing student, was taken in as part of a joint investigation by the FBI and the South Milwaukee police, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the LA Times reported she wanted the “heroes” of the Sikh shooting to be the focus of attention – and not her.

“I have given no official statement,” she told the Times.

Page had lived with Cook until just a few weeks before the shootings, the LA Times reported.

Cook was active in the white-power movement Volksfront and the women’s white power group Crew 38, the Anti-Defamation League told the LA Times.

“We’ve been monitoring him for the last seven years; we’ve been tracking his whereabouts, and he definitely followed her to the Milwaukee area,” Jenna Benn, assistant director of the ADL in Chicago.

Cook hadn’t talked to Page since she moved out and he’d even shut down his email account, CNN reported.

Page had worked at a Harley-Davidson in North Carolina, where his supervisor found his application for the KKK and destroyed it.

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